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Eating guacamole and quesadillas in Mexico

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After crossing our final border crossing on this trip, we were in Mexico. It felt a little bit strange being back in a Spanish speaking country, we had gotten so used to speaking English that it felt weird switching over to Spanish again but it felt good. So now we had a small dilemma: where should we spend our final week? We wanted to spend it in a small place next to the sea, just lie in a hammock, read a book and get some sun before being back to reality and freeze our asses off in ice cold Finland. As we had visited Yucatan 8 years ago we had seen most of the major tourist sites on the way up to Cancun previously, so we thought to check out a new place. In our guide book it said that Isla Mujeres, a small island half an hour boat ride from Cancun, would be a nice backpacker heaven. So we jumped in a bus and headed for Cancun. Six hours later we were in Cancun where we headed straight for the ferry and at dusk we arrived on Isla Mujeres.

What the hell!!? Isla Mujeres was far more developed than we expected. Loads of American tourists stumbling drunk around, it looked like we had arrived to Disneyland. Our hearts sunk and in a depressed mood we went to bed. The next morning we thought maybe it will be better in the sun light and we thought we’d give the island a chance. So we rented a golf cart and headed out to explore the island in search for a nice secluded spot where we could spend our final days, away from all the touristy madness that was going on in the main village. Wow did we get disappointed! Driving in the golf cart it felt like we were only a wagon in a long train. Every other hillbilly on the island had also got the same idea as us to rent a golf cart and ’explore’ the island. We just thought; we got to get off this island as fast as possible. This wasn’t how we had pictured our last week in paradise to be. As we were doomed to stay another night on the island we then headed for the famous north beach for a drink. The beach was packed, like mackerels in a can of tuna. Well best to just grab something to eat and hit the sack so that we could get up early and catch the first ferry away from this hell hole.




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