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Fairytales from Brazil

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After a 4 hour bus drive south from Rio we arrived in Paraty, a quite small laidback village by the coast. But we didn't stay there, just changed buses to go to an even smaller village called Trindade. We arrived at dusk 40 minutes later to Trindade. A light rain was sprinkling down and after finding a nice pousada we went for a few beers at a corner grocery/drinking hole. This would turn out to be our local hangout for some time to come. The first impression of the town was 'Where the hell have we ended up?'. There seemed to be some hostility in the air, and we woudn't have been supprised if the locals had turned into vampires after dusk....

But the first impression turned out to be completely wrong. A town full of acid-, pot-, coke- heads, gangsters, locals, locos, weirdos, hippies, yippies, vagabonds, tourists and other'monkeys' gave a vibe that suited us so well that we fell in love with the place and ended up staying there for 2 weeks.

And the location of Trindade is just stunning: its surrounded by beaches, great rainforests and some beautiful waterfalls. And it has a nice and a very laidback atmosphere.

Enjoying the day at one of the beaches

Our home

One of the memorable people we met was Ceasar, a local brazilian guy from 500km away who was now stranded in Trindade without any money. He was hoping to start making leather bags with the local resident Hugo. Hugo has been stranded in Trindade now for 36 years, he is originally from Argentina. His leather business didn't seem to be going too well while we where there. He got completely hammered on cachaza every day and the only 2 words he knew in english were 'Crazy' and 'Monkey'. Mostly combined in one sentence.

Here´s Mickus and Hugo

This is Ceasar

We also got to know Carlos from Argentina. He had been travelling for 3 years around the world and was now planning for his last journey home to Cordoba. He was still planning when we left....

Carlos hangin' out at the bus stop

This is the corner bar where everybody gathered and got to know each other. We hanged out at this bar quite a lot.

A memorable moment was when we walked to a small water fall where one could slide under a stone. A bit cloustrophobic. Check out Mickus going under:


We also visited a natural lagoon where it was nice to swim:

And then there was surfing. Finally throw away some of the rust since last hitting the waves in Australia. Here is a picture, just after coming out from the pipe and finnishing up with a sharp right hander:


We also met a nice Irish couple, Sarah and Coner, whom with we made a "hiking" excursion to a beach a bit from Trindade. We walked for a few hours and ended up on a fine deserted beach. We had a dog with flees that followed us the whole way :). We cought a boat back to Trindade.

Here's some pictures from the hiking excursion:

Here is a picture of 2 sweaty bastards and Sarah.

Views from the hill we climbed up on

Our destination beach

One of the highlights of our stay in Trindade was when we together with our newly found friends, Sarah and Coner, experienced a total lunar eclipse in an amazingly rocky landscape at the beach. We stacked up on some supplies, 4 bottles of wine, and headed for an eluded part of the beach. The eclipse was around midnight and when the moon came back out one could clearly see the landscape we were in: like taken straight out from the Dune book, there were rock formations that were shaped in all weired formations. And when dawn finally arrived we had one of the most lycyrgic sunrises ever seen.


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