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The Reggae town

Fairytales from Brazil

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We asked an old woman why they play so much reggae here. "I don't know", she said. "Ever since I moved here it's always been reggae, reggae, reggae. Even during carnaval it's always reggae even though we're so close to Salvador".

Maybe it has to do with the surfing culture? During the whole day half naked surfers with great bodies walk the streets with their surfboards under their arms. Or maybe it's the ganja? Every once in a while you can smell it in the air. Well, whatever it is, the reggae is everywhere. And sometimes it feels like they're competing who is playing the best and the loudest reggae.

Pretty loud reggae can be listened to from these babies

When you walk along the street almost every bar and restaurant play reggae. You can still here 'No woman no cry' when you start hearing 'I shot the sheriff' from the next place. Makes it a bit hard to choose which bar to go to because as you know, we love reggae.

One day we saw a guy pushing around a cart with the Jamaican flag painted on it.The cart was filled with cds and equipped with a huge loudspeaker from which Bob Marley was pouring. He was selling 100% reggae cds. How cool is that? Gotta love the reggae.

100 percent reggae

One evening when we were going to the place to be party place in town, Quintal, a couple pushing a big wagon of fruit passed us. They were selling fresh fruit juice. In their wagon they had a huge stereo that was playing, guess what? -Reggae. A hundred meters later we passed a small stand selling drinks. Next to the stand they had enormous speakers that were pumping very loud sounds. And I guess I don't even have to tell you what they were playing. And a hundred meters forward there was another drink stand: same story.

Caipirinhas on reggae wheels

Itacare is a small fishing town (about 18 000 inhabitants) on Bahia's east coast. It is rather touristy this time of the year, but not so touristy that you couldn't spend a few days here. One thing we're beginning to notice here is that the favorite food (at least one of them) of the brazillian people must be PIZZA. There are pizzerias everywhere. Pizza and pasta.

We are also beginning to learn the beauty of the local national drink: the caipirinha. It's really refreashing to have a nicely chilled drink filled with freshly squeezed lime and ice. And it really puts you in a good mood, too!

Hmm... So what more could you ask for? Reggae, caipirinhas and pizza! Well I'll tell you what more you could ask for: wine. But that my friends is another story...

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