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Chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream

Fairytales from Brazil

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It was a hot afternoon in Itacaré, so we decided to stop at the ice cream parlor by which we so may times had passed drewling at the delicious looking cakes and ice creams.

After the first bite of the chocolate cake we noticed this weird smell of, I'll be direct; shit. There went the appetite for that nice piece of cake and ice cream.

We finished the ice cream pretty fast because the smell was ubearable, and then started examining where the smell was coming from. We noticed a small river passing by the ice cream parlor. Strange; the smell seemed to come from the river. We took a closer look at the water: different sized pieces of shit were floating in it! I guess they don't cover their sewers too much here. But then why bother?

The next night one of us contributed to that little river of shit. And it wasn't a small contribution, nor was the shit in too compact pieces...

Well... it was a really nice experience right up til that very first smell of crap.

Smelly river...

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