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No hay gasolina

Winenuts go nuts in Argentina

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Salta, the hometown of Sebastian (Cafayate), is a groovy town a couple of hours north of Cafayate. The road here was quite amazing with spectacular views and winding roads. Lucky as we were we managed to get a taxi here because the public transportation is in little bit of a stand still at the moment: bus drivers are striking because they want more pay and the gasoline is really expensive or not available. So it was impossible for us to get a bus up here.


Similar problems are current on the other side of the border in Bolivia, which is supposed to be our next destination. In addition to strikes, Bolivia is also experiencing road blocks organized by angry local miners who are not getting paid enough for their hard work. We just chatted with a British couple who had managed to make their way down from there, and they were telling stories about their bus being blocked in the middle of the road and crazy miners throwing dynamite in front of the buses. These mad events have led to the border crossing between Bolivia and Argentina to be closed. Great. Carolina’s sister just arrived from there, and the only way she could get into her own country was by illegally crossing the border. All righty... how are we supposed to get to Bolivia? And do we even want to go there and get blown up by dynamite?

While thinking about a solution to our next destination problem we have been hanging out in town watching the European football championships and preparing for the coming cold weather in the Andean altiplano. We also met up with Sebastian and Bombe who took us for a night out.


And now we have a solution to our problem: We are going to the Atacama desert in Chile. A nice extra bonus to the trip; I’ve always wanted to see Atacama.

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