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Washed away red frogs

Gambling in Panama

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We didn’t waste much more time in Panama City, because the next morning after Kiru’s arrival we jumped on a small plane (again, yes I know, although I had sworn not to fly anymore before flying home to Finland) and flew over to Bocas del Toro on the Caribbean coast close to the Costa Rican border.


The weather was stunning when we arrived and we had a nice breakfast in the sun. It didn’t take long before we had stumbled upon almost all the people from the San Blas boat. Selma was there, and so were Chris and Diana, the Irish guy and the couple from Brazil. We had an Indian reunion dinner and went out to some bars and a wanna be night club. The music was terrible but the company was good.

The next day we made a small trip to one of the beaches on the north shore, Boca del Drago. It was a beautiful place, but the weather had just been really bad there; huge storms had torn down some trees and the beach, which was usually a beautiful sandy beach, had been washed away by the ocean. You could almost see no sand. We managed, though, to take a small walk on the beach and enjoy the beautiful view.



Flooded beach

Today we did a boat journey out in the archipelago. We saw some dolphins playing around in the water and we visited the famous Red Frog beach. This beach was also totally washed away. Now you could really see how big an impact the weather can have on places. They said that usually there is many meters of sand, but now there was nothing. Just water. To make it even more depressing it started pouring down as we stood and watched it in amazement. Luckily there was a bar that sold rum; we bought a couple of huge cups of the stuff and suddenly the weather didn’t seem so bad.


Since the weather is so rainy here we have decided to move further north. Costa Rica, here we come!


Summary Panama:

SCORE (4-10)
6,5 Kunas


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