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Between two tits

Lazying in Nicaragua

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We arrived late in the evening in San José, the capital of Costa Rica. After wondering around in the empty and somewhat shady streets we found a psychedelic hostel where we spent the night. They had a pretty cool open air rooftop restaurant and many of the walls were covered with colourful art.

The next morning we wanted to take a bus over to Nicaragua and it turned out to be quite a hassle. Can you believe it, at 5 in the morning all the bus terminals were flooded with people that wanted to go to Nicaragua. So there was no room for three gringos, of course. Which meant we had to find some other place that would take us at least to the border. After walking around for an hour and people pointing us in different directions making us walk in zigzag, we finally found the company that supposedly had buses to the border. The line outside was huge, so we immediately realized we probably weren’t gonna make it to Nicaragua that day. Suddenly some guy working for the bus company told us to come with him pass the line and right to the ticket counter. What the h..? We got tickets and jumped right into the bus, which left in about 10 minutes. Sweet. Sometimes it pays to be a gringo, I guess...(i'm sure we paid more than everybody else, though...)

After crossing the border at Peñas Blancas and getting a bus to Rivas we got a taxi to Lago de Nicaragua. But before we could step into the taxi the driver had to move the hen that was riding in the front seat to the trunk of the car. Lago de Nicaragua is Central America’s biggest lake, which wasn’t hard to believe since the boat ride out to Ometepe Island took a long time and the waves were just as big as on the ocean. On the ferry we were lucky enough to meet Irish man Morgan, who had just built a house and some cabanas on a beautiful spot on the north east side of the island, so we got housing and a free ride organized without any hassle whatsoever. We arrived to Ometepe Island just as the sun was setting and started riding towards Morgan’s place in the back of a pickup truck. When we had driven about 15 minutes the truck broke down and we ended up downing a few beers in the darkness when waiting for another truck to arrive.



When we arrived at the hostel we noticed it had been well worth the journey to get there. It was a beautiful place with a huge garden with lots of fruit trees and different kinds of plants. We got our own little cabaña in the middle of the garden with a nice veranda overlooking the whole place. This was the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the sunny weather.


The Ometepe Island has been formed by two volcanoes rising up from the lake. Lava flows between them created the island and gave it its name, which means ”between two hills” in Nahuatl. The island is famous for its stone statues and petroglyphs that represent humans, birds, animals and different geometrical shapes. So the other day we went for an afternoon stroll, together with a German guy who was carrying around a Spanish version of the Monopoly game, to have a look at these famous pertoglyphs. We started the journey with a cup of coffee at Finca Magdalena that makes its own ecological coffee. The finca had a beautiful herb garden and a nice view over the surroundings. Then we headed out in the nature and checked out some of the carvings. To tell you the truth I wasn’t that impressed by the carving themselves, but it was a nice walk anyway beacause most of the island is covered with rainforest.

Here you can see the two volcanoes




Today we did a groovy trip to Ojo de Agua, a swimming hole with fresh water running down from the mountain. It was really refreshing to take a swim in the clear and cool water. Tomorrow we are heading to the Pacific coast, looking forward to that :)




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