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September 2008

Did we just arrive in the States?

Spotting boobies in Ecuador

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When we got in the bus in Cuzco for Lima we had a new and kind of weird experience. Before you got on the bus you had to give your fingerprint in a book and your face got filmed with a video camera. Smile! These were some kind of security measures that we had never seen before. Hmm...was it that dangerous to ride the bus in Peru? The same happened in the bus from Lima to the Ecuadorian border. Well I guess it was working because we had two excellent bus rides in very comfortable buses and about 50 hours went by just like that :).

When we arrived in Tumbes just before the Ecuadorian border we got out from the air-conditioned bus and noticed how lovingly hot it was! Yessss! We only had time to buy a packet of crackers and something to drink and then we jumped on a smaller bus that took us over the border and towards Guyaguil, Ecuador’s biggest town.

It was kind of a shock to realize what kind of a place we have arrived to. This is a huge town with loads of people and no decent restaurants to be seen anywhere. The only ones we can find are chains like Mac Donald’s, Pizza Hut and Burger King. How disgusting is that? There are huge malls and fancy shops and supermarkets that have no personality. Did we really arrive in Ecuador, or could we have somehow leaped to the States? I mean, the currency is the US dollar as well, so we can’t be that far away... The riverfront, the Malecón, has been built to a kind of an amusement park with franchised restaurants, movie theatres and rides for kids. It is quite impressive.

I read somewhere that Guyaguil represents the more liberal part of the population while the mountain areas are more conservative. Well I certainly hope that the liberal thoughts don’t only mean spreading franchise restaurants everywhere and turning people into walking fat bombs, which seems to be our first impression of the city. There has to be something more underneath the surface...

Fast food chains in a mall

There was a park in town where some cool Iguanas lived

We went to see an art exhibition that hadquite cool paintings

If anything positive is to be said about this place, I guess I could mention the historic barrio, Las Peñas, in the end of the Malecón, which has a bunch of cosy restaurants and bars and a nice view of the river. And the temperature is quite good as well.

Oh, how we miss Bolivia

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