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Winenuts go nuts in Argentina

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Nothing much to write home about. Huge city, too many people and lots of traffic. You have to walk in winding paths in order not to bump into other people while walking in the street. There are small kiosks that sell bus tickets or lottery tickets or something, and the people stand in ridiculously long lines just to buy tickets from that little box. But the town was named the Cultural Capital of the Americas in 2006 so I guess there’s more to the town that we have been able to cover in this short time distracted from the bites from the bed bugs that seem to have bitten us during the nights.


This is the home town of Carlos, the chap that we met in Trindade, Brazil. He is home after his 3 years of travelling so we paid him a visit yesterday. As it happened, his friend was having his graduation party and we were invited :). In the beginning we thought that this party didn’t resemble at all a party in Finland, because everybody were drinking coca cola and eating sandwiches and there was only one beer on the table. But as the evening advanced, much more beer, Fernet, whiskey, tequila and the kind was consumed and the evening ended in the group being thrown out from a local discotheque. Luckily we had left just before that because the reggeaton that they seem to be playing everywhere was too much for us.

At the graduation party

At the disco

At the disco

We got to see, though, a very interesting tradition that is practiced on graduating men. In the beginning of the evening a guy suddenly pulled out a pair of scissors and an electric shaver. Whaaaat? Then unexpectedly he approached the graduation guy from behind and cut away a big chunk of his hair. And he had such beautiful hair! Soon everybody was trying to cut a piece from the hair. We were watching this spectacle with great astonishment. We didn’t know what was going on. Poor guy, they were destroying his hair! Soon we were told that it’s a tradition there to cut pieces from the hair of somebody that has just graduated. In the end of the night he only had a small bit of hair left on the back of his head. Everything else was shaved. Well better that way, it looked really sick at some point when there were bits missing here and there. Crazy Argentineans!

Cutting the hair

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