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The voyage through Eden

Chasing guanacos in Chile

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You won’t believe this, I didn’t at first either, but we ended up spending Wappu on a ferry cruising Chile’s spectacular fjords for 3 nights and 4 days. Because as we were in Castro, we happened to be quite close to Puerto Montt from where ferries leave once a week for Puerto Natales that lies some 1500km south. So as soon as we found out about it we decided to take the cruise. I mean how many times in your lifetime do you get a chance to cruise along fjords in Chile? Yeah, not so many.

So we hopped on the ferry and off we cruised and waved the city goodbye. The journey started in between mainland and Chiloé Island. After a few hours of cruising we passed the volcano in Chaitén that got active for the first time in thousands of years the day after we had passed it. How amazing is that?



In the morning we woke up and climbed up to the deck only to notice we were surrounded by some really stunning views. The sea lay calm around the ship and all around there were beautiful mountains and peaceful nature. It was just breathtaking. We ended up staying almost the whole day on deck with other curious tourists enjoying the surroundings and trying to get a good photo of one of the many sea utters that were jumping around the ship every once in a while. That day it was Wappu eve so we popped some sparkling wine of course. Well it was the first Wappu eve I have ever spent on a Chilean fjord, but it wasn’t the first one I have spent in about 9 degrees Celsius...








The next day we spent mostly on deck as well but the weather was a bit rainy. But we saw a lot of amazing scenery anyway. The highlight was probably when we spotted our first iceberg! We also had the privilege of stopping outside the mini-town of Puerto Eden that hosts the last one of the indigenous habitants from that area. Well surprise surprise; the European missionaries had been there as well and infected the people with measles and the like that wiped out most of them. The rest probably died of depression or from the alcohol that the depression drove them to after being forced to conform to the ‘European way of living’. And the amazing thing is that it is a really small town in the middle of nowhere. Couldn’t it have been left in peace? I guess not... Well the place and its surroundings are absolutely stunning and I wonder what it would be like to spend some time there amidst nature and peaceful tranquillity.




The first of May celebrations were a bit livelier because we were joined by lots of other celebrators. The celebrations started on deck with some more sparkling wine, continued with some crazy bingo playing and run (Spanish for rum) after dinner, and ended in a drunken turmoil on deck.


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