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Chilly Chile

Chasing guanacos in Chile

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The autumn is here. No doubt about it. The days are still warm but when the sun goes down, man it gets cold. We have to wear almost all the clothes we have with us to manage.

But never mind the cold yet. Because guess what? A couple of days ago we had our first bottle of Chilean carmenère wine over a pizza in Viña del Mar and - oh my god it was good! I think we will get some seriously good wine ratings to our list here. Oh, did I mention we are writing down ratings for (almost) all the wines we are drinking here so there will be a huge add on to -you know what- when we get home from this trip :).

It was a bit cramped on the bus to Horcon

So we have just arrived to Chile's coast. We spent one day in the bus and passed the spectacular Andes. We drove along some seriously winding roads and saw some really astonishing views. It was just amazing. We just sat there and marvelled at the scenery. It was one of those times again when you think “Well, here I am... just cruising over the Andes. Can’t really believe it is true, but I guess it is...”

There they are, the Andes




Descending on the Chilean side

So here we are now at the coast in a small fishing village, Horcón, which has a pleasant hippie vibe to it. We’re staying at a cool place with a view over the beach were we can watch the local fishermen do their thing. This is a really nice change of scenery and it is so superbly relaxed we could stay here for a while. And as this is a fishing village they have some really good fish here. Just had some delicious hake with steamed potatoes. Yummy. And they have this really nice piquant sauce they serve the fish with. Have to make some for you when we get home.

Main beach


There are some lovely beaches here so we have strolled along them during the days. One nice thing about low season is that there’s almost no one around, so we have had the beaches almost for ourselves. Yesterday we stumbled upon some locals that were having some kind of a feast on the beach. We watched them for a while and wondered what they were doing. It turned out that some of them had been diving for oysters and now they were eating them. And they were so excited; with great haste they were sawing the oysters up with a small saw and then squeezing some lemon on them. Next they gulped the oyster and washed it down with a great sip of white wine. And then without delay they reached for another one. It was like the oysters would disappear if they didn’t eat them fast enough. When they saw us they immediately asked us to join them. A brave man as my father is, without hesitation he tossed down an oyster and didn’t decline a sip from the huge wine bottle - the best damn oyster he ever had.

The feast


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