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Fairytales from Brazil

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We arrived in the middle of the night at Recife airport. The passport guy kept looking for something in my passport. He checked every page many times. Damn it, did we need a visa after all? A nervous chill crept through my stomach. How was this god forsaken trip going to end?... After a while the guy stamped my passport. I struggled for a while to get to keep my departure card (???) and then I was good to go. Yess!! Hello Brazil!

We were amazed that our luggage actually made it all the way to Recife after all that nonsense in Paris. Girls wearing christmas hats greeted us outside customs. Oh right, it was christmas now! Somehow it was forgotten during the journey... We jumped in a taxi and were soon at our hotel at Boa Viagem beach in Recife. Boa noite.

When we woke up the sun was shining and it was warm! Yessss! Finally! The weather in Finland had been crap like every winter nowadays. After breakfast we went down to the beach - Hello sunshine! Amazing warmth and rays of sun welcomed us there. A few small stalls were lined along the beach selling fruit and alcoholic drinks. Every now and then guys selling a diveristy of stuff passed by; ice cream, cocoa water, beer... And every once in a while a guy pushing a cart equipped with a huge stereo playing loud samba music walked by. Niiice, these people really seem to know how to enjoy a nice sunny day.


In the hotel restaurant we learned of a new, apparently brazilian, dish: tapioka. They put white flour in a frying pan and the flour sort of melts into a pancake. Then some filling is put on the pancake (e.g. cheese and coco) and the pancake is closed to a kind of sandwich. Very tasty actually. And the cheese they use is a harder kind of cheese, like the bread cheese in Finland. I think we'll definately have more of that!

In the evening we ventured out downtown to check out some happening that was (supposed to be) organized for christmas eve. We had bad luck in finding it since we didn't understand anything anyone was saying and the map we had was crap :). We settled for a beer at some small streetbar where locals also seemed to be enjoying themselves. We ordered two beers and got two 600ml bottles... riiight, now we remembered that it said in the book that a cerveja (beer) means a 600ml bottle. If you want a "normal" sized one, you have to order a "longneck" or a cervejinha. But hey, we weren't in a hurry: our one year vacation had just begun :).

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