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People we met kept telling us how amazing the Iguazu falls are. Well they can't be THAT amazing, we thought. We've seen many waterfalls in our lives and they can't be much more spectacular than what we've seen, we told ourselves. We were wrong.

The Iguazu falls are absolutely beautiful, astonishing and shockingly powerful. It's really hard to describe, you have to see them for yourself to know what I mean. And it's not just one waterfall; there are many many of them. It was impossible to get them all in one photograph because the area stretches for what must be a few kilometers.

The waterfalls are divided between Brazil and Argentina, and depending on which country you are in you can get different views of them. So we made a couple of trips to Argentina as well so that we could see them from all possible angles :). At some places you could get really close to the waterfalls. It's just stunning how much water pours down over the edge and the feeling of watching them is undescribable.

Surrounding the waterfalls is a 55000 hectar natural park with a lot of different plant- and bird species and many mammals and reptiles. We saw a lot of butterflies, too. And one lazy monkey.

Lazy Monkey












We also visited a bird park that had a lot of bird species.


The town closest to the falls on the Brazilian side is Foz do Iguacu which is we're staying. The town seems quite boring in itself, and it's weird that it isn't more touristic than what it is considering its location. Close to here is the meeting point of three countries; Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. So it's really easy to cross the border because buses run between the countries all the time.

The Iguazu falls were a great way to end our adventures in Brazil. A bit sad about leaving but with great curiosity we are setting the course towards our next destination. Paraguay, here we come!

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