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Fairytales from Brazil

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On our way to Trancoso we had our second bus break down. No wonder, the guy was driving like crazy on a really bumby dirt road. And then suddenly the bus just stopped. Luckily it was at a bus stop with a restaurant this time. And deja-vu, none of the three guys working on the bus knew what to do with the bus. And this time there was an extra thrill: the luggage containers wouldn't open. And there were some people that were in a hurry to catch their plane from Porto Seguro. The bus personnel didn't do anything about it (at least it didn't seem like it), so the travellers who were in a hurry were panicking and calling the bus company and trying to brake into the luggage containers. Crazy. After a long wait a mechanic arrived, crawled under the bus, and soon the containers were open.

Trancoso, also known as Trance-coso due to the hippie culture and its numerous trance parties is a nice little town just north of Caraiva. It lies on top of a small hill looking over some really fantastic beaches.

Trancoso beach

Trancoso is a nice change after Caraíva; we were amazed to see a café selling brie cheese and a supermarket that had more than one row of stuff. The first night was quite a disaster, though. The place we were staying at was swarming with mosquitoes. No worries, we thought; after all, there is a mosquito net in our room. When we opened the net which was tied up in a knot, we didn't know wheather to laugh or cry: the net didn't cover the whole bed, just a small part of it :). After a hideous sweaty night with the mosquitoes it started to rain outside. Soon we discovered it was raining in our bed as well. Time to change pousadas!

Very efficient mosquito net. And the water is starting to drip on the bed...

We found a much better place after that. A really nice couple, the man is Italian and the woman Brazilian, rent out two appartments in their house. We got one of them. It has two stories and its own kitchen. Here we have been staying since that and enjoying every minute of it. We have had some quite interesting discussions with the Italian guy. Well, as interesting it can get when we only speak a few words of Portuguese and he doesn't speak a word of English. But it's amazing how far you can get with the help of gestures. What we have understood at least, is that this guy really seems to enjoy life.

Today's catch

We can see why the town is called Trance-coso. There is a bar on the beach that throws parties with great trance music, and every once in a while trance parties are arranged in the rain forrest or some beach further away. We managed to attend one of these forrest parties one night. It was arranged in the middle of a rain forrest close to an indian reserve. The 'ticket' you bought at the entrance was a necklace that had been made by the indians. We did another allnighter and after hiking a while on some dirt road, we managed to catch a bus back to Trancoso at 7 in the morning.

At the bar on the beach

Relaxing on the beach

In the evening at the main square

Rainforest party

Oh, and by the way, we have discovered a new favorite local "dish": cheese on a stick! Guys walk around the beach selling this special kind of cheese that they grill on hot coal in a bucket they carry around. And once it's grilled you can stick the cheese in oregano if you want. Delicioso!

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